Application Temperature should be between 50 to 90 degrees. Move vehicle to garage or enclosed area if necessary. Unroll graphic and let lay out to lay flat.

Cleaning Procedure: It is important that the vehicle surface be free from wax, grease and any contaminants. You can use Prep-Sol, or other solvent wax and tar remover. Once all contaminants are removed, wipe over area again with rubbing alcohol using a clean lint free cloth. Wipe a final time with another clean cloth dampened (You got to try my Dusting Cloths) with water. You will know if the vehicle is cleaned properly if your finger "drags" along the surface. 

Application Fluid: Fill a spray bottle with water. Add * squirt of liquid hand soap (not dishwashing liquid). Do not over estimate on soap (it will take longer for the graphic to set up). Add 1 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol.

1. First, determine where you would like to place the graphic on the vehicle. Make sure graphic is positioned properly, using masking tape to hold it in place if necessary. You can also use masking tape to give you a guideline if you need one.

2. Slowly peel away the release liner from one half of the graphic and cut it off, exposing the adhesive.

3. Using the application fluid, wet the vehicle surface and the exposed adhesive side of the graphic thoroughly. This will help you position the graphic kit without it sticking too quickly. Lightly position the graphic and starting from the center, squeegee overlapping strokes to push out the solution from under the graphic. This will remove most of the air and water bubbles. Repeat this process for the other half of the graphic kit.

4. Before removing the transfer tape, squeegee again using firm pressure to make sure you have removed as much solution as possible. Slowly remove the transfer tape back on itself (180 degrees) at an angle. If the vinyl lifts with the transfer tape, re-squeegee it down using firm pressure.

5. After removing the transfer tape, squeegee over the graphic again lightly to remove any remaining solution or air bubbles. Any remaining air bubbles can be removed by using a pin and pushing the air out.

6. Trim the graphic where necessary. Use an Exacto or single edge blade and trim lightly. Any openings such as doors and fender breaks should be trimmed back away from edges at least 1/8 of an inch.

7. Wipe the surface of remaining solution with a clean dry cloth.

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